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    First Flag Food Business Department is affiliated to Shenzhen First Flag Supply Chain Service Co,, Ltd. and is committed to becoming a food supply chain solution expert。First Flag Food Business Department., with its import & export operating experiences of years, integrates related resources of global supply chain on the basis of the huge supply chain platform of the group and focuses on imported food supply chain service; integrating material flow, fund flow, commerce flow and information flow, it has established an all-around and multi-project one-stop supply chain management and service platform to offer diverse services centered on the purchasing execution and distribution execution of food and liquor as well as food supply chain integration.。First Flag Food mainly focuses on two businesses: wide supply chain service (purchasing execution and sales execution) and deep supply chain service (OEM project and international brand trusteeship) of food. Two major purposes: to improve the benefit of imported food enterprise supply chain and to promote innovation in the imported food enterprise supply chain. Strategic target: to be the most excellent imported food enterprise supply chain solution provider throughout the country. One-stop solution: international purchasing, international logistics, import customs clearance and inspection, domestic warehousing, domestic distribution and like services; low-cost and high-efficiency operating mode allowing your products to directly reach the specified point.



    We undertake non-core businesses of food enterprises and offer supply chain one-stop service to enterprises.

    We undertake non-core businesses of food enterprises and offer supply chain one-stop service to enterprises.
    Including: purchasing execution service, international logistics service, supply chain customs clearance and inspection service, sales execution service, domestic warehousing & logistics distribution service, fund service, information service, etc.Enterprise can focus on their core production and research & development, so that the purposes of easy management, reducing cost and improving efficiency can be achieved。 We serve for overseas manufacturers, domestic trade-oriented importers, domestic productive enterprises, regional agents/dealers, e-commerce operating companies, etc。