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About Shenzhen First Flag Supply Chain Service Co., Ltd.

    Shenzhen First Flag Supply Chain Co., Ltd., located in Futian Free Trade Zone, Shenzhen China, is a Shenzhen customs consumer coordinator system enterprise. The company was granted as a Class-AA management enterprise by Shenzhen Customs and Shenzhen key logistics enterprise, rated as “Talent housing pilot enterprise” in 2012 and “Modern logistic sample base” in 2013, diamond consumer of CCB Shenzhen Branch and ISO quality management system certification enterprise, and has been awarded as credible unit by Shenzhen Customs and Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau for several times.

    The company is committed to offering professional supply chain service to IT, IC, mobile phone, electronic parts and components, computer accessories, instruments and meters, photoelectric products, medical apparatus and instruments, auto parts, LED industry, smart home, LED screen, tablet PC as well as like industries and peripheral industries, and the company is mainly oriented to large transnational production enterprises, OEM enterprises and brand sole distributors.

    The company has respectively set up international and domestic operating centers in Hong Kong and Shenzhen as well as a Hong Kong company - First Flag (International) Co., Ltd., and possesses an international standard warehouse of 50,000m2 to offer international logistics and international warehousing service to consumers; the company has established cooperative warehouses in more than 20 large-sized and medium-sized cities throughout the country to offer all-around service covering sea transportation, land transportation and air transportation.

    First Flag possesses service teams consisting of professionals in IT industry, logistics industry, operation, international settlement, supply chain management, law and planning consultation to offer guaranteed whole-course supply chain service to enterprises. First Flag is advantaged in the effective integration of different resources on various links of the supply chain, so as to achieve the purposes of reducing operating cost, improving service quality, and offering integral low-cost and high-efficiency supply chain solutions to enterprise, so that the enterprise can focus on core competitiveness. In the operating process, we work to balance and control various links in the whole-course supply chain service and to construct a service platform integrating “material flow, commerce flow, fund flow and information flow”, with the view to satisfying enterprise's demands in supply chain management to the greatest extent and to greatly improving consumer's benefits and efficiency.

Company's service

    Agent for customs declaration and inspection, import & export tax service, charging and paying, various import approvals, 3C certification, import & export quarantine and inspection and various certificates of origin (C/O)


Value-added service

    Operation risk assessment for consumers; tax guidance; financing plan making; goods sorting, classifying, weighing, devanning; labeling and repacking; barcode scanning; warehousing, loading & unloading; goods allocation management; and transportation insurance





    The company is mainly oriented to such consumers as Longcheer, Neophotonics, Volvo, Vsun, Road-well, S-Light Optoelectronics, Doov, Simcom, Kong-Profit, SZCLOU and like transnational large enterprises and listed companies. The company has been keeping good relationship with consumers in long-term cooperation process and has received consumers' wide praise with its high-quality service. First Flag has established cooperative relations with consumers of different cultures, different scales and different industries, and the company, serving as one part of the consumers, tries to fully understand consumers' business, organization, culture and value to actively integrate into the business and development of consumers; the company seeks for participation point, cooperation point and value-added point so as to create a win-win enterprise which achieves synchronous development with the society together with its employees and consumers.