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New official website of First Flag Group goes online!
Published in:2015-07-03

    Thanks for careful planning and preparation of project team, new official website of First Flag Group (hereinafter referred to as new official website) goes online offically on July 3, 2015! 



The two major themes of new website construction closely linked to the "information" and "service", and strive to provide customers with the richness and diversity of all kinds of information. The new official website of the original site of the main structure and functions, the reference to the structure of the new information technology, focusing on improving the menu navigation, information classification, search and other functions of the use of convenience, specifically reflected in:

    In the vision: the new version of the site from the home began to the page has a strong visual impact, fully demonstrated the company in line with the international modern elements, and introverted calm tone and the connotation of the oriental culture.


 Four parts in the structure: new edition website highlight to the market as the guide, focus on the promotion of the company's business module, mainly for supply chain services "," financial services "," Industrial Park "and" property management ", and increase the" solution "," success stories "information sharing, specific content is presented in a graphic form.



 In the background of the site operation: a change from the Information Department Commissioner to modify the upload mode, and by the module responsible for the management of the background, the relevant departments have to upload and modify some of the contents of the authority, which greatly enhanced the content of information upload convenience, accuracy and timeliness.



    The innovation and improvement of the new official website, more suitable for the publicity and promotion of business and company image, more in line with the customer's demand, has become a new bright spot in the construction of the corporate culture!