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How can small- and medium-sized enterprises achieve
Published in:2015-07-28

【Editor's note】At present, under the background that the global economy continues to weaken and domestic economy grows at slow rate, our country steps into medium-speed "New normal" economy and faces "once-in-a-thousand-years transition". Many industries are undergoing profound adjustment, small- and medium-sized enterprises encounter unprecedented pressure in survival and a new turn of shuffle is sweeping across the country. Thought determines outlet; strategy determines results! In the "New normal" economy" that risks and opportunities coexist, what should small- and medium-sized enterprises do? Recently, at the celebration for moving to new address and the ceremony for First Flag's 10th anniversary, Teacher Wang, invited by President CHEN Xiaohui, shares Strategic Choice of Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises in New Normal Economy for hundreds of small- and medium-sized entrepreneurs present. Here I list the points to present to the readers.

Background: First Flag supply chain, founded in 2004, centered on supply chain service in early phase, involving electronics, communication, food and like fields. From 2012, First Flag supply chain began to expand its industrial park. At present, the supply chain has possessed 4 parks in Shenzhen, Shenyang and Maanshan. In 2014, First Flag expanded supply chain financial service and established a Microfinance company.
Through development of over ten years, First Flag has developed as a medium-sized enterprise with performance breaking through RMB15, 000,000,000 Yuan from original small-sized enterprise of RMB100, 000,000 Yuan. In 2015, First Flag Group steps into a higher level and has formed a service platform that is supported by service flow, fund flow, information flow, commercial flow and value-added flow and centers on supply chain service, supply chain real estate and supply chain finance.