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   Shenzhen First Flag Microfinance Co., Ltd. (First Flag Microfinance), established on Apr 2014 with the approval of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, is a wholly-owned subsidiary affiliated to Shenzhen First Flag Group, with the registered capital of RMB 300,000,000 Yuan.

    First Flag Microfinance, in line with the basic principles of “operating in accordance with laws and regulations and strictly controlling risks”, aims at offering rapid, convenient, efficient and credible microfinance business services to small- and medium-sized enterprises and individual businesses.

    The company, adhering to the business ideas of “developing microfinance and solving financing difficulties by relying on supply chains”, proposes the supply chain financial operating modes of “supply chain+ microfinance” and “industrial park+ microfinance”; on the basis of the consumer group and logistics supervision of supply chain, the company provides short-term microfinance funds to solve the low-cost working capital demands of small- and medium-sized enterprises on supply chain and to offer related financial services, so as to improve consumer's market competitiveness and to create value for consumers.

    The company attracts excellent talents through establishing a modern financial enterprise management system. At present, the company has possessed a high-quality employee team. The core management team has high-education knowledge structure of finance, economy and law and possesses professional practical experience in banking, venture capital investment, fund, microfinance, financing assurance and the like over years. It is marching forward hand in hand for the goal of creating the first brand of supply chain microfinance at home and creating a better future!