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Successful Cases
Microfinance successful case

1.Mortgage real estate license

Mr. Huang has a set of real estate in Shenzhen worth about 3.3 million, he has an urgent need to cash flow, if ask the banks for loans, approval procedures are cumbersome and long time, so he choose our company for the loan. Consider the customer's good credit qualification, we do discretionary notary, handle the mortgage in Land Bureau, he successfully applied for 3 million of mortgage. 

2.Bridge business

Mr.Zheng’s Shenzhen property mortgage in Industrial Bank, the loan amount is 5 million, one-year maturity the customer has the approval of new loans, our company made discretionary notary and pay for him, lately he pay us through the new bank loans

  3.Credit Loan

Mr. Ye is a famous corporate real estate developer, he applied for credit loan of 5,000,000, we understand the customer's business suitation, assets and the source of repayment, lenders normally.